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I have previously described the exploits of my bug-hunting hound here.  Just this evening she rescued me from an arachnid most foul.

I was sitting on the sofa, checking my f-list and watching a Humphrey Bogart film when my faithful companion suddenly sat up from her place by my feet.  Her ears were perked, her nose twitching, every line of her body tense with focus.  I was wondering what had possessed her when I glanced over and saw a huge, snarling spider with venom dripping from its fangs stalking toward me across the cushions...

Okay, okay.  It was about 4 or 5 cm across, black and grey, and fairly unasuming apart from the size.  It was headed straight for me, though.  That's when my fearless guard-dog swooped in and forced it back... between the cushions.  I don't particularly relish the idea of a large arthropod hiding out in such close proximity.  I lifted up the cushions and shook them out until the hapless bug scuttled over the edge of the sofa onto the floor.  That's when my pup pounced.  It was an epic battle of wills....

Alright, so she just batted it around a bit, pressed it into the floor with her nose, and gingerly picked it up in her teeth.  Then she put it on the rug and lay down with the deceased spider between her paws, a trophy and a warning to other would-be assailants, occasionally nudging it with her muzzle to ensure that it was indeed dead and would wreak no further havoc... or else she just wanted to play with it.  She did seem a bit disappointed that it wasn't moving any more. 

Now she lies in wait under the coffee table, ever vigilant, feigning sleep to lull any other.... wait, now she's snoring.  Great. 



Aug. 26th, 2011 06:19 am (UTC)
Where do I get me one of those puppies?? cuz I need a guard dog, stat. For bugs.
Aug. 26th, 2011 11:04 pm (UTC)
She is awfully handy to have around. :-)