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When there is no why...

Death is always difficult to deal with in one way or another.  Sometimes it is bitter-sweet when it comes at the end of a difficult battle w/ disease or age.  Sometimes it is gut-wrenchingly sudden and painful.  It's particularly heartbreaking when a baby dies, and no less so when it has not yet had the chance to live.  How terrible it must be to carry a child almost to term just to have it suddenly gone - the movement you've grown accustomed to horribly stilled.  We second-guess every step, every decision - both parents and doctors.  What could we have done?  What should they have done?  We think, "If we had done this... checked that... asked this..."  But the biggest question, the answer-less question remains. 


And it hurts to have no answer.  They look to you with pain etched in every line of their faces, faces that look so much older than the last time you saw them,  eyes haunted and empty and yet so full.  And there is no answer.  I don't know.  I don't know.  I'm so sorry.  I wish there was something I could do, anything.  I don't know. 

Who do I ask why?