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100 random things that make me happy: #12

The sun is shining, reflected gold in the autumn leaves. The sky is cloudless and that shade of blue you only find on fall days. The air is crisp and cool and it rustles the drying leaves. I used to dislike this time of year - always anticipating the oncoming winter, the weary reminder of the passage of time as year's end approaches, the bittersweetness of shorter days. But I've found it to be an apt metaphor for all of life. Embrace the beauty of the moment, the joy of what is, rather than dwell on the maybes of either past or future. It's a beautiful autumn day, and that makes me happy.


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Nov. 12th, 2012 11:46 am (UTC)
I do love it when it gets cooler and is *dry*! Walking through the leaves in the park and kicking them up...great! Unfortunately, all too often it's wet here and then it's just soggy and miserable!

But I do like the wrapping up warm part...I find it easier to keep warm than keep cool in the summer! (That's if it is warm!)

It's very much a case of live for the day isn't it? Can't do much about yesterday and tomorrow will bring whatever...
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