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100 things that make me happy: #16

Spring is such a conundrum. It simultaneously creeps up stealthily, gradually, gently -- and it leaps forth in a sudden green, chirping, chattering, colorful cacophony. I swear that every time I look out my window it's just a bit greener. We've had an actual spring this year, which isn't always the case in the South where we can skip straight to 90 degree, 90% humidity summer. There have been cool, breezy days interspersed with hot, humid days that give way to rain showers that rinse the layer of grimy yellow-green pollen off of everything, leaving the colors even brighter.

Even though I experience the awakening from winter to spring every year, it still manages to catch me by surprise. All the green still pulls me up short. The colorful blossoms and renewed animal activity make me aware of just how drab and quiet the winter has been in comparison. The lengthening days remind me of just how dark my world has been. Spring makes me happy.


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May. 9th, 2013 04:16 am (UTC)
Oh, so lovely and true.

Bialybog & Czarnebog
(Sonnet for the seasons)

Because I find the autumn cruel and hard,
I plan contingencies in advance,
saying, “There's the last time a lilting breeze
will touch, like mosquito netting, my skin.
There's the first scent of chilled, wet and pulpy
leaves beneath the path.” And I spend my autumn
stocking for winter, bracing for the blast,
as though weathering a house for a storm.
Spring slips in and out all unnoticed:
a smile caught, almost unobserved on a face,
otherwise squandered, otherwise unseen.
But still, I do not gird for summer days
and they spring at me at one gleaming moment,
like a tiger from beneath a table.

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