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Writer's Block: Two words: Charlie Brown

If you celebrate Thanksgiving, do you have any favorite TV shows or events that you associate with this holiday? If so, why do you love them?

3 words, actually.  Bond, James Bond.  Oddly enough there always seems to be a 007 marathon on one channel or another over the holidays.  I'm not sure what a British secret agent has to do with Thanksgiving, but I will always turn it to Bond when it's on.  This is in keeping with my family's favorite Christmas movie, "Where Eagles Dare," a classic Clint Eastwood film about a British-led undercover op in Nazi Germany.  I'm not sure what it says about us that we like a little mayhem in our movies during a time that's supposed to be about giving thanks and peace on earth, but it always makes me think of home and family.  That at least is in keeping with the season.

Thanksgiving, Happy Thanksgiving.