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Arizona has its own timezone.

Actually, they just don't do the whole daylight savings time thing. Either way, my internal clock is totally screwed.

Interestingly, the Navajo nation (part of which is located in NE Arizona) does observe daylight savings. I never know what time it is anymore!

Temporal confusion aside, I find this to be an interesting corner of the world. To the east is some redrock desert - mesas and buttes jutting out of the scrubby desert. I love the colors, the rocks striped red and green and yellow. There are mountains to the west and as you reach the higher elevations the grass along the highway gets longer and blonder and it just looks so soft.

I got off the interstate yesterday and drove down to Zuni, NM. It's a little village nestled amid the redrock. It's very brown - all the buildings seem to be some variation of brown. There are mud brick houses crammed in close and skinny dogs roaming around. It reminded me very much of a village I visited in Guatemala. I was compelled to stop and buy some turquoise.  There was a neat little shop where native artisans were buying raw stones in the front and selling fetishes and jewelry and such in the back. 

I love driving down the empty back roads.  There's a since of freedom in it.  At one point I passed a ranch where horses were grazing on either side of the road.  A big dapple gray on the near side tossed his head as I approached and ran alongside the car for a bit, til I went over a hill and lost site of him.  There was nothing for miles and the sky was wide.  Makes you feel like you can breathe!

It's incredibly windy here, blowing so strong it feels like it'll push you down or lift you up.  I love the wind, though.  Something about it always makes me happy. 



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Apr. 8th, 2011 08:24 am (UTC)
Wind makes me happy too! Grew up in Oklahoma. Thirty something now, and I still stand in the wind and raise my arms, pretending to fly. When nobodies watching.
Apr. 11th, 2011 01:56 am (UTC)
It's a good feeling! Thanks for reading my musings.
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